• Founded by Stanton Barrett, an accomplished NASCAR Driver and Hollywood stuntman, as an organization to reach out and comfort those dealing with personal crisis

  • Primary desire is to reach out to those in hospital waiting rooms like children's cancer, icu units and other related children’s areas. However, not restricted to just children, but people in need for a care.

  • A long standing friendship between Kenny Crosswhite and Stanton Barrett has made possible the creation of this partnership of 4Caring.
Organizing with creative management, 18 years of sports marketing experience, foresight for competitive efficiency and competitive resources will be the prevailing goal of 4caring.org and SBM bobsled program. All contributions of 4caring.org will excel bobsledding for the USA athletes and achieve the next level of success and efficiency. Demands on the athletes are intense to make it in the sport, with limited resources and expensive equipment to purchase and manage. 4caring.org looks to improve the abilities for athletes to gain resources and equipment with out the financial struggle, focus being taken away from their training and to allow focus on competition. Additionally, new implemented management program for bobsled developing drivers and team organization will be implemented, new equipment, race shop facility and transportation vehicles in Germany to cut significant long term cost with shipping and rentals; allowing developing and team athletes a strategy that has a plan with out the politics that are filled in sports.
  • Stanton Barrett (Founder of 4Caring)
  • Kenny Crosswhite (Founder of 4Caring)
  • Angie Isenhour (Operations of 4Caring)
  • Tom Swart (CPA of 4Caring)
  • Yates Crosswhite (Operations of 4Caring)
  • Gina M. Gabriel (4Caring Coordinator)
  • Jeremy Brackett (4Caring Staff)
  • Angie Ford (Volunteer Support)
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The 4 Caring, Inc. (the "Foundation") is a 501(c(3) charitable organization organized under the laws of the State of Arkansas. Contributions to the Foundation qualify as tax deductible charitable contributions, subject to each donor's particular tax situation. The Foundation has applied for recognition of a tax exempt charitable organization which, when received, will be retroactive to the initial filing date of the Foundation, which is January 30, 2006. All donation are tax deductible and receipts will be sent to donor's. all affiliation and resourses provided by SBM to the foundation is donated and at the expense of Stanton Barrett personally.